Sep 3, 2021

By: Isaiah Bien Aime (a former Horizon’s student at the New Canaan Country School, and current Board member for the NCC location)

In 1964, the New Canaan Country School Headmaster, George Stevens, had what was then considered to be a bold and prescient idea: That under-resourced children could be given a place where they felt welcomed; where they would find enriching and meaningful academic support and cultural experience; all in order to be given the opportunity to realize their full potential.

Stevens’ vision is now realized as Horizons, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with 65 chapters across the U.S., which has served thousands of underserved students through a long-term, authentic, deep engagement with students who are offered hands-on, project-based academic experiences. Among other programing designed to keep students involved from pre-K through high school, Horizons runs a 6-week summer program for middle school students, held on the campus of an independent school, college, or university, and then provides additional support to each student throughout the year.




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