May 7, 2021

B&NC MAG follows @the_laura_young, a lifestyle Instagram with 7.4K followers, that highlights Laura Young’s fitness journey over the past few years. Laura is a second grade teacher at South School in New Canaan and lives nearby with her husband, Ben, and their Labradoodle, George. 


B&NC MAG asked Laura to share some of @the_laura_young’s influence in the local fitness market…

Pure Barre

Pure Barre Darien will always hold a special place in my heart. As someone who frequents just about every fitness studio in Fairfield County, Pure Barre is one I find myself going back to time after time. Owner Laura Sabia has created an environment that is both inspiring and motivating. The studio offers a variety of classes ranging from ‘Classic’ barre to cardio-centered ‘Empower’ and resistance-training ‘Reform’. 

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The classes are low-impact, total-body workouts that will lift and tone every muscle – in just 50 minutes. Another great thing about Pure Barre is that the instructors offer modifications for nearly every exercise. Whether you are healing from an injury or looking for pregnancy-safe moves, the classes at Pure Barre can be tailored to your particular needs. No matter what season of life you are in, you’ll be sure to lift, tone, and burn at Pure Barre Darien.

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Sama Yoga

Rebekah Jacobs, the owner, describes Sama Yoga Center as a traditional yoga studio that welcomes every age, body, and ability. Walking through the door, I immediately felt the warmth and friendliness of their community. The studio is adorned with motivational words painted on the walls and even has a beautiful outdoor garden for practice outside during the warmer months. 

The class was rejuvenating and accessible to all levels. I attended a Friday evening class, and it was the perfect way to wind down after a busy week. The class was safely filled with distanced and masked yogis, many of whom have been practicing at Sama for years. What I loved most about being at Sama Yoga Center was feeling the inclusivity and friendliness of the Sama community.

Hot Hatha and Beyond

My experience at Hot Hatha and Beyond was incredible! Owner Whitney Riegel Mooney has created a safe and serene studio located in her New Canaan home. I had the joy of practicing one morning with a small group of welcoming yogis. Whitney guided us through 60 minutes of static poses that offered the perfect balance of challenge and relaxation. 

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The temperature of the studio was an invigorating 110 degrees, which intensified the practice in all the best ways. I left feeling sweaty and rejuvenated. In addition to the small-group classes she hosts in her studio, Whitney also specializes in private and Zoom yoga sessions. I found Hot Hatha and Beyond to be the perfect place to sweat-it-out and clear my mind, while challenging my body.

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Mason Strength

There is nothing I love more than a workout that is tailored 100% to my particular needs and ability. When I visited Mason Strength for a training session with owner, Dan Belli, I was unsure of what to expect. Dan asked tons of questions about my fitness background and created a session that was the perfect workout. 

By the end of our hour together, Dan had managed to get me cycling through several sets of exercises, working on the skierg machine, and pushing a sled across the gym. It felt awesome! Mason Strength offers private training, tandem training, and pre/post natal training. I was amazed at how quickly our session went by, and I left feeling ready to conquer my day.

Coreburn Pilates

Before my visit to CoreBurn Pilates in New Canaan, I hadn’t stepped on a reformer machine or taken a mat class in years. I was excited to give it another try!  With six locations in Westchester and Fairfield County, New Canaan is the latest studio to join the CoreBurn family. During our session, owner Tamara Slupchynskyj had my mind focused and every muscle shaking.

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CoreBurn’s method focuses on controlled and precise movements that engage every muscle to the fullest possible extent. This pilates is low-impact, but still packs all the punch of a cardiovascular work-out. The studio space is open and bright, and absolutely beautiful. I look forward to conquering more sessions on the reformer at Coreburn Pilates – New Canaan’s hottest new pilates studio!


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