Going Green(er)

May 6, 2021


By: Karen Sabath
Karen, the new Green Editor at B&NC Mag, is a sustainability advocate with several facets. She became Bedford 2030 Board President in June after five years as treasurer. She is also CEO of TBM Designs, LLC (whose patented InVert™ self-shading window system saves energy). Karen is a former managing director of BlackRock, having been president of their mutual fund division. She is an avid beekeeper, living in Katonah with her husband, actor, Bruce Sabath. They have two sons and a daughter-in-law.

Going Green(er)

After meeting and surpassing impressive environmental goals in its first decade, Bedford 2020 is changing its name to Bedford 2030, adding the new tagline “Climate Action Now”, and setting new goals for climate action in the decade to come.

The organization has been the driving force in driving down greenhouse gas emissions in the Town of Bedford by 44% since its inception, through the Town’s participation in Community Choice Aggregation for renewable energy and greater energy efficiency.

Bedford 2030 has vowed to reduce emissions and fight for clean, healthy air, water and land and the newly stated goal is to deliver 80% emissions reductions in the Town of Bedford in the next decade, from more locally generated renewable energy, electrification of buildings and homes and converting more drivers to electric vehicles. And in doing so, Bedford 2030 will continue as an example and mentor for other communities.

Community participation will be at the center of the effort. Getting everyone to commit to buying green power, use new energy efficient air source heat pumps, make their homes more energy efficient, and making their next car an electric one will have a substantial impact.

Bedford 2030’s Executive Director, Midge Iorio, promises, “Bedford 2030 will provide tools, programs, and campaigns to embrace renewable energy, get off fossil fuels to power our buildings and cars, reduce waste, capture carbon, and advocate for local and regional policies that advance these goals. Everyone will be able to make a difference.”
There’s an immediate opportunity to get started. Climate Week is September 21st-27th and will include educational and action-oriented activities for everyone. Bedford 2030 will host an Energy Tour and Electric Vehicle Car parade. The ‘Take it or Leave it Shed’ and ‘Repair Cafe’ will be open with special waste reduction tips. Local libraries and bookstores will host a climate book read and discussions and the Bedford Playhouse will offer a virtual film screening and discussion. Partner organizations will offer walks at area preserves, volunteer opportunities, and family activities. A full schedule of activities is on the Bedford 2030 website.

While 2020 will be remembered for the impact that COVID-19 has had on all of our lives, the pandemic may also be seen as a tipping point for socio-environmental change that will usher in a new decade of aggressive and widespread climate actions. At the local level, and as an example for other communities, Bedford 2030 will make the call and lead the charge for ‘Climate Action Now’!


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