Lindsay Sher and Matt Rindini: Wedding

Sep 5, 2022

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Lindsay Sher and Matt Rindini tied the knot this Summer, alongside both of their families, at a winery in Brooklyn, opting for a fun and meaningful gathering that brought together the most important people in their lives to celebrate.

The couple met through a friend via social media and became friends when they both moved to Brooklyn. “I had a crush on Lindsay as soon as I saw her Facebook profile, and I figured the stars were aligning as we graduated from college at the same time and, in 2015, both got our first jobs in Brooklyn,” Matt recalls. “We became close immediately,” Lindsay adds. “I was adamant about not dating before getting to know each other. Our friend groups were intertwined, and I didn’t want us to mess things up. But everyone was always asking when ‘we’ were going to happen.” After months of being ‘just friends’, the pair went to a comedy club where they became the punchline – and shared their first kiss to the entire room chanting “KISS KISS KISS!” … “We’ve been together ever since,” Matt says with a huge smile.

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“MY MOM LIVES IN BEDFORD WITH HER HUSBAND JOHN, AND MATT AND I VISIT THEM IN BEDFORD A LOT. It’s a respite from the City and we love getting to be with family and enjoy the serene setting. So I thought nothing of it when Matt and I went up for a weekend to visit my family in July of 2020,” Lindsay says. Linday’s Mom, Lisa Sher-Chambers, and her husband, John Chambers, reside in town. But Matt explains, “It was the perfect setting. And when Lindsay is with family in Bedford, she’s at her happiest. While there on this special weekend, I disappeared for a bit so that Lindsay would look for me, away from everyone else… and got down on one knee and asked her to marry me… and celebrating with her family after she said ‘yes’ made it even more special.”

“We were so close to doing a courthouse wedding and a small dinner because of the stress of covid, but we’re so glad we anyway determined to plan the WEDDING OF OUR DREAMS, Lindsay shared. “Those memories of seeing everyone together celebrating, especially after we’d all been apart for so long, are incredibly special. I’ll never forget the image of everyone singing together to Bruce Springsteen on the dance floor.”

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Lindsay’s sister, Rachel, was her Maid of Honor, and Matt’s best friend, Dan, the mutual friend who introduced the couple, was Matt’s Best Man. The couple wrote their own vows, danced the Hora with their family and friends, shared mother-son and father-daughter dances, and even got to share the special day with all of Lindsay’s grandparents.

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In planning the wedding, Lindsay’s mom had suggested the Bedford Village Flower Shoppe. Lisa shared, “My wedding was a super-micro wedding, but the flowers were so special they really made it feel like a big event. Bedford Village Flower Shoppe did a great job – and it was no problem for them that the wedding was in Brooklyn.”

Rather than the typical Sunday morning brunch, Matt and Lindsay opted to personalize their sendoff from the weekend with a shuffleboard event at The Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club! The pair are in a shuffleboard league together and led the lively closing festivities.

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About the marriage and the new couple, Lindsay’s mom, Lisa, waxed, “It’s funny how the ‘fairytale’ comes true for the bride and for the mom! I loved that Matt proposed to Lindsay here in Bedford…It says so much about him, and them, that they’re so comfortable with family, and with each other. I liked being able to add a touch of our Bedford style to the affair by using the Bedford Village Flower Shoppe, but I liked even more seeing Lindsay and Matt plan a weekend that was distinctly them, and getting to celebrate their marriage with all their friends. They have a bright future together!”


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