Jun 29, 2022

photos: Carter Fish


Here in the B&NC Mag area…our baskets runneth over!

Picnics are a high art form. Meant to enjoy summer’s bounty, and set the scene for most memorable gatherings. Anything from the most casual to the full ‘dejeuner sur l’herbe’ warrants detailed planning
and attention. Each and every picnic can be perfect!

On a budget, or sparing no expense, the picnic basket, blanket, linen, silver, plates and glasses, and even the games the group will play, each require focus. The food must be scrumptious, popular but not ordinary, matched to the occasion, and easy enough to eat. And, of course, the wine and food pairing – noting that the rosés from Whispering Angel go with just about everything – is essential.

Summer Picnics

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Primped-up-picnics are all the rage this summer. Vogue devoted an entire section to picnic popularity. The New York Times has done piece after piece on picnic particulars. Picnic posts on Pinterest are plentiful. Plus Instagram is plush with picnic pics!

Trends include: salads with watermelon and feta, and with corn and peaches; sliders; colorful veggie options, and; dragon fruit drinks and small-batch seltzers.

The importance of the overall decor can not be overstated. Color schemes with highlights that pop, can set the mood. While the checkered tablecloth is de rigueur, quality linens will elevate the entire experience. …And flowers are always a fantastic flourish!

B&NC Mag Readers: Throw down your blankets! Our baskets runneth over!

Procuring Your Picnic Locally

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Important to any picnic’s success are the quality of lawn games! Darien Sport Shop provided a cute cornhole set for the day. And, just as important as staying entertained… keeping your food and drinks cold! Darien Sport Shop is the local spot to shop YETI, and that cooler seriously came in clutch; keeping the food fresh during transport, and the wine cold all afternoon long.


G.E. Brown in Bedford is family-owned and operated, and known for their high quality and delicious to-go food and catering. Whether you’re planning a more elaborate picnic that needs full-scale catering, or a more spur-of-the-moment afternoon outing, G.E. Brown has adorable sliders, delectable sandwiches, healthy and colorful salads…and even their own dessert shop – The Bedford Candy Bar – right across the street.

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Bedford Village Flower Shoppe creates spectacular and elevated arrangements that are perfect for any occasion – and what better way to zhush up a picnic than some fabulous florals?!


The Adirondack Store in New Canaan has attractive and useful baskets, blankets, throws, pillows and more, to make a picnic perfect. This picnic basket was a real hit! And for all other design needs, B&NC Mag enlisted the help of Tent, a design shop in Amenia, NY, who’s glassware, trays, plates and platters, and other gorgeous elements, will elevate any picnic.


Every picnic needs the perfect wine pairings! Ancaona’s Wines is a great local shop with a massive selection of options – and they even deliver for free to New Canaan on orders over $50.


This Summer, New Canaan-based and world-renowned Léron is opening up a new storefront – right on Elm Street in New Canaan. Léron is thee source for gorgeous and intricate linens and sheets. Their tablecloths are pictured as used in B&NC Mag’s picnics.

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Picnic Baskets: Adirondack Store | All catered food: G.E. Brown | Watermelon & Cake: The Market at Pound Ridge Square | Linens and base layer: Léron Linens | Glassware, Platters, Blue Wicker Tray, Serving-Ware: Tent | Flowers: Bedford Village Flower Shoppe | Games & Coolers: Darien Sport Shop | Gray Malin tray under the watermelon: Darien Sport Shop | Rosé: Ancona’s Wines