Spring Cleaning

May 11, 2023

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Spring is a time of renewal and refreshment – a good time to clean out the basement, or the garage, or a few closets, or all of the above – but the truth is that it’s always a good time to organized and make things neat and tidy.

First, you need to clear the clutter! Your house doesn’t look the way you see it. You’ve become comfortable with things that belong in closets and pantries having found permanent places on top of counters and cabinets. You don’t need all the old everything you’ve stacked-up to save…for never. You’re paying to own and maintain a lot of square feet – retake the space!

And then there are projects that need doing, or at least that you’ve been wanting to get around to for a long time — like organizing your primary closets, your home office, or reclaiming your entire basement. Or making the kitchen more functional. Installing proper storage solutions for the areas where you need to store things.

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“Tidy Nest changed my life!,” declares Suzanne Wynwood, who had Jared and Shannon go through her entire house to edit and organize everything in sight. “We’d become ‘empty nesters’, but the nest still seemed way too full! We didn’t know where to start with the kids’ old sports equipment and the rest of the stuff they left behind. We were never getting around to our plans to freshen-up the whole place. I wanted to set up a new office for the work I do from home. And we wanted to put up shelving in the garage so we could get the cars inside again. Jared and Shannon did it all! Quickly and completely! And with minimum interruption! I would recommend them to anyone!”

And if the plan is to sell – you need Tidy Nest – first! You have too much stuff! Whether or not the place needs to be ‘staged’, Shannon and Jared edit and style your belongings. A lot of tchotchkes and personal memorabilia needs to be removed. Closets need to be combed. The attic, basement, garage, and playroom have to be turned-back from storage bins to their proper function. Studies prove that a proper presentation of a residence increases the purchase price by an average of 20%!

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And you need Tidy Nest for the move as well! Jared and Shannon specialize in relocation management. They can edit every room prior to the move – so you only move with what you need; pack and unpack – with every room put in place as it was if that’s what’s desired, and with all the closets properly organized for each person; hire and oversee the crews; handle move-in and ‘welcome wagon’ arrangements in the new house, and; handle every detail down to the address change announcements.

“We were only moving from Bedford to New Canaan, but quickly realized it would be
as difficult as if we were moving from one coast to another,” says Katie Henry. “Tidy Nest’s service was seamless! We couldn’t take time-off from work to move, and Tidy Nest made it so all we had to do was tell them where we wanted what – and it was like a genie took care of it! Jared and Shannon certainly earned our trust and confidence – and you can count us as supersatisfied Tidy Nest customers!”

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“There’s a difference between getting organized and staying organized – and our focus is on the latter,” Shannon explains. “We get to know the ins and outs of people’s lives very quickly. Learning about each family allows us to rapidly customize and implement solutions for them in the course of just a few days, which is our specialty. Our main goal is to organize existing spaces to make them feel brand new. We enter spaces with fresh eyes, and find solutions that make everything more functional and attractive. We consider any project successful if we check-in a few months later and things look similar to the way they did when we left them.”


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