The New Hamptons

May 6, 2021

The New Hamptons


Fueled by an ever-increasing wealthy population in Manhattan and relatively low interest rates, the real estate market in the Hamptons has been on fire for the last forty years. The days of the summer share-house have mostly passed, and in the last two decades summer rentals have gone for more a month than houses cost to purchase in other parts of the country. Lots

with water views or on the beach sell for tens of millions. Although the 2008 recession slowed things down for a year or two, hedge funders have continued to drive prices through the roof over the last decade.

Now, Bedford and New Canaan are the new Hamptons! The extremely high cost of housing and education in Manhattan and Brooklyn, and the relatively low and stagnant price of houses in leafy suburbs, started a demographic shift which has been catapulted by Covid. Families are fleeing the City for safer environs. Some looking for summer rentals, thinking it would be safe to return to New York in the Fall and that schools would be operational. More looking for a permanent change, whether seeking a weekend and summer retreat or a full-time residence and living solution.

First came the wave of Summer renters. In full swing by mid-March, Manhattan and Brooklynites were calling local agents looking for rentals to start ASAP and last ‘at least until the end of the Summer’. Some summer rental business has always been a thing, as local residents earned some money on houses left behind while summering elsewhere. But with Covid, 2020 was wholly different. One critical requirement…does it have a pool? While most in the U.S. have been singularly occupied with Covid, the Town of New Canaan Building Department reports that pool building permits are up by a third. The new Hamptons summer renter has Slim Aarons on the mind.

The New Hamptons

181 Mead Street, Waccabuc, NY
Listed with Ginnel (Laurie Mosello)
Rented this summer for $50k/month
back on the market for $9,950,000
6 bedrooms, 5.5 baths, 10+ acres on Lake Waccabuc

​And, because the traditional walk-through had all sorts of Covid complications, about half the renters at the start, and almost all the desperate ones in mid-May as all available supply was exhausted, were willing to rent based only on an online tour and no physical visit to the property.
The New Hamptons

888 Old Post Road
Bedford, NY

listed with Ginnel (Frank Geiger)

Rented for $50k/month for the summer, and now back on the market for $7,495,000

  • 75-acre property, 12,000sqft main home with 6 bedrooms, 7 full baths, 2 half baths​.

The property is complete with a 2 bedroom guest house, indoor pool, outdoor pool, indoor tennis court, and outdoor tennis court.

But, most impressive, rental prices for a nice family home with air conditioning, a yard and a pool, seemed to start at a new floor of about $25,000 or $30,000 per month. Bidding on choice rentals was Hamptonesque in terms of bidding increments and speed of closing. A rental offered in Pound Ridge at $30,000 per month for the Summer received an offer of $40,000 per month for as long as 8 months. An out-of-state owner of a $6M+ house on Lukes Wood in New Canaan rented to a just-before-Covid tenant for $30,000 a month, only to receive an offer from a too-late bidder of $50,000 per month 21 days later. ​

The New Hamptons

55 St Johns Place, New Canaan, CT
listed with Hannelore & Co. at William Raveis
6 bedrooms, 5k sqft, with a pool
Rented for $25k/month for 7 months
Back on the market for sale in December 2020

295 Crow Hill, Mount Kisco, NY | Listed with Ginnel (Muffin Dowdle)
Renovated 1931 5-bedroom Tudor home with a pool

270 Guard Hill Road, Bedford, NY (Tanrackin Farm) |  Listed with Ginnel (Muffin Dowdle)

One notable exception to the must have pool rule, this house rented for almost $40k/month this summer, a steal given the offering… 50 acres, 6 beds, 6 baths, 2 half baths, 12,000 sqft
The home has multiple fireplaces, 3 levels, a covered porch, an elevator, sub zero appliances,
4 bay garage, spacious master suite with private porch and his/hers bathrooms, steam shower,
many bedrooms with adjoining sitting rooms, and radiant heat in the kitchen and master bath.

The property also boasts a 30 stall equestrian facility, direct access to BRLA, rolling lawns, fenced paddocks,
a fruit orchard with fig, peach, and apple trees, groomed walking trails, a gym, an outdoor kitchen and entertaining area, a pizza oven, gazebo with fountains, bocce court, 1 bedroom gate house, and 3 bedroom guest house.
The home was rented fully furnished and including all upkeep and twice weekly house cleaning by on site staff.


For the first time in a very long time, it’s a seller’s market!

There’s been a dramatic increase in the number of sales and the median prices of houses sold and, by Summer, the pre-existing glut in long-time-on-market supply was absorbed. In early August, a top Armonk agent was ‘shouting out’ on her Instagram about having 5 buyers between $800,000 and $2.4M and no listings to show, posting “Need Inventory!”. 

The mood in the market has shifted. Even if a relatively small percentage of wealthy Manhattanites has now determined that a single family house, with separation from neighbors, and rooms to work-from-home, and some property, and a private pool, etc., seems all-of-a-sudden more attractive than their city dwelling, that’s more than enough families on the demand side of the curve to overwhelm the supply in our area. 

Armonk has about 1,500 houses, Katonah 650, Waccabuc only 350, and Bedford and New Canaan have only about 13,000 combined.

​45 Ogden Road in New Canaan, went to contract in less than a week, and closed in July only 36 days from listing. This resort-like 2 acre property, 6 bedroom house, with a pool and spa, went to a NYC all-cash buyer looking for a Covid-retreat and weekend home, for $2.7M.

The New Hamptons

45 Ogden Road in New Canaan, listed by Hannelore & Co.

In what may be an extreme example of Covid-crazed and virus-impacted buying, but one which is no longer unheard of, 45 Heather Drive in New Canaan, sold in August for $2.12M to a buyer who had only toured the house virtually!

In New Canaan, there were 79 sales in June/July 2020, compared with 28 in June/July 2019. There were 10 sales at $3M+ in March through July 2020, and only 3 in the same period in 2019. The median sale price at the end of July 2020 was $1,730,000, up more than 20% over a year before. And, at the end of July 2020, there were 25% less houses on the market than at the same time in 2019.

At the end of July 2020, the median price in Armonk is up almost 40%, and the inventory is down 35%, over 2019! Bedford’s median price is up almost 20% and inventory is down 36%! Katonah’s inventory is down 40%. In North Salem and in Pound Ridge, there were more than twice as many sales in July 2020 as in July 2019. For the first time in a while, there are a half-dozen sales pending in the Bedford area at or above $3M.

The New Hamptons

45 Heather Drive, New Canaan. Listed and sold by Hannelore Kaplan with William Raveis.

300 Mt Holly Road, Katonah, NY.     |        Listed with Renwick (Cynthia Mas)
Ask: $3,750,000, closing at the end of September for well over ask

The New Hamptons

63 Lyndel Road
Pound Ridge, NY

Ginnel: Muffin Dowdle


5 bedroom, 6 bath
75-acre park-like property 

We could not be more pleased to see the tremendous influx of young families choosing to move to our area. Their energy will not only revitalize the the real estate market but the area in general!

-Dan Ginnel

The New Hamptons
13 Woodridge Circle, New Canaan, CT. Listed by Hannelore Kaplan with William Raveis for $2,895,000. 6 beds, 6 baths.

“In a hot market like this, an agent’s relative experience can make all the difference for buyers in finding the right home, getting the right price and managing the purchasing process. For sellers, savvy digital marketing and a powerful presentation are a must.”
-Hannelore Kaplan,
​Hannelore & Co. 

The New Hamptons
The New Hamptons
The New Hamptons

“It’s really basic. We have low inventory and high demand. This is the strongest real estate market we’ve seen in decades, and it’s only going up.”

-Jim Renwick

209 Bedford Banksville Road, Bedford, NY. Listed by Missy Renwick & Tina Foster (with Renwick). $6,400,000. 10.3 acres, 6 bedrooms, 10.5 baths.


The New Hamptons
A Pound Ridge Lake House (and guest house and entertaining space) designed by Jeffrey White of EAU (Ecology Architecture Urbanism) as part of a four-structure compound.


The New Hamptons

A gorgeous space designed by Rona Chowenhill

​There’s a boom in home and garden renovation, repair, design, decorating, upgrade, improvement and additions. As interior designer Rona Chowenhill of RC Interiors by Design said: “In addition to the mass exodus from cities to more rural locales, sheltering in place has everyone reinventing their homes.  Multi-functionality has become a necessity, and there’s a true craving for comfort. 

Dedicated spaces for home-  office, gym, ‘school’, sanctuary, and even camp are being incorporated.  Renovations and projects previously on the back-burner have become top priority.”

Wealthy new buyers and existing home owners are looking for every opportunity to add or upgrade luxury amenities, and the sky’s the limit. California Closets’ Director of IT and Marketing, Masha Alimova, offers:
“Working from home has become a fact of life. Although that used to mean working on the couch or on your bed,  now people want to define a proper workstation. We’re building small office spaces, multi-purpose areas, and larger dedicated offices. People are more productive when they’re clutter-free and feel good about their workspace.” 

The New Hamptons
The New Hamptons

With what now seems like fortuitous timing, the Adirondack Store moved forward through Covid to anyway open its new store on Elm Street in New Canaan. Owners Stephen Dori Shin and Christopher English, who are as much art and antique dealers as they are a home furnishings 

store, have returned to New Canaan, and this version is quite impressive! The new store showcases their rustic style home furnishings and makes it easy to connect for their decorating services. Christopher English remarked: “We’re thrilled to be back in New Canaan. The response has been tremendous. Old customers welcoming us back, and lots of new customers coming in – with masks on – to see what we have to offer.”

Like 20 years ago in the Hamptons, young couples are stalking the area and new builds and renovations are once again in play. Jeffrey White of the firm Ecology Architecture Urbanism (EAU) was hired by a couple from the city who just purchased a four-structure compound in Pound Ridge. White recounts: “Overlooking the largest of the three lakes on the property, the focus of renovating the 1950’s Lake House was to create a seamless connection to the outdoors and lake from this guest house / entertaining space. In addition to the unobstructed views of the spectacular property that can be enjoyed fireside in the winters, the simple introduction of openness brings the outside in.”

The New Hamptons
The New Hamptons


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